The Premier Process

Premier Electrical Staffing provides qualified apprentices and journeymen for the commercial and industrial electrical industry. We are committed to providing a safe and professional working environment. By following a defined process, which we call The Premier Process, we are able to find, secure, and retain top-level professionals for our clients’ unique needs. This is what sets us apart from other staffing companies.Our Premier team is always reviewing our hiring practices and safety elements to ensure that we offer the best possible electricians to our clients while honoring all legal hiring mandates. Copies of our application package, evaluations, and manuals may be found on our website.

Step 1: Finding

Because supplying top professionals to our clients is the foundation of the business, finding qualified workers is one of the most important activities we perform. Our recruiters know the electrical business and know where to find quality staff. Based on our longevity in the business, we have a very large network of workers who we resource for our clients.

Step 2: Interviewing

Our employees are subject to thorough interviews. This is a step that can make the difference because we know the questions to ask for our clients. We look for the technical skills required for the job, but we also look for other aspects that may be important to the client. By knowing the client and understanding their workplace, we are able to determine if a candidate fits the overall on-site work environment.

Step 3: Evaluating

Using the information gained in the interview, we spend a lot of time evaluating the candidate’s technical skill set and soft skills that determine if they are a good fit for the client’s needs.

Step 4: Testing

Our employees are tested on electrical knowledge and construction safety practices from both written and hands-on exercises. We make every effort to ensure that our employees meet your company’s standards.

Step 5: Selecting

Premier can perform national background checks and provide in-house or third-party drug testing, according to the client’s project specifications. We want your job site to be staffed with trustworthy individuals who are skilled and safety-minded. Our selection process includes the end result of all the testing in order to select the best candidate for the client’s project.

Step 6: Safety Training and Testing

At Premier, safety is of utmost importance. Our objective is to provide our employees with the safest working environment while on assignment with our clients, by training and educating each employee on safety awareness.  Beyond our basic safety training, we offer additional training for client-specific projects. See Safety for a complete list of our training classes.

We have a safety guide that each employee must read and acknowledge.  Our English Electrical Contractor Safety Manual and Spanish Electrical Contractor Safety Manual can be viewed here on our website. See Premier Electrical Staffing for more information.

Step 7: New Hire Onboarding

We recognize that orienting employees to their new role – inclusive of their responsibilities, the needs of the client, and all expectations – is extremely important. Even though this information is conveyed during the interviewing and hiring process, our onboarding covers it again. Additionally, we guide the employee through the paperwork for workman’s compensation, payroll, and other paperwork necessary to establish employment. The client doesn’t need to be involved at all. We handle everything.

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